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The UAE has added another feather in its cap, with a crematorium for Hindus and Sikhs for their dead. Thsi was a long standing demand and the UAE government has shown a pragmatic and tolerant attitude by sanctioning this crematorium
This article is to help people who are confused about whether or not to be cremated, or not after the death of a loved one.
In this short story about John his father has just died. As the only son, it came down to him to decide what he would do with the body, cremation, or burial. This story describes the thinking that led John to his final decision to bury his father, rather than to cremate him.
Having your final wishes made known in writing and/or orally will make it a less stressful situation as your family goes through the grieving process.
Death is an inevitable end to life, but we can ensure how we dispose the dead does not put undue burden on the environment.
Do you want to know how service providers make extra money during funeral?
The loss of a pet can be devastating. Pets are members of our families. I hope this article will help you decide what to do when your pet dies.
The passing of a loved one can come as a blow, even when we are fully expecting it happen. Having a few coping strategies can help to soften the pain
The choice between burial versus cremation...always personal, but can evoke strong feelings at a time of loss...My personal interpretation......
~My youngest son of twenty-three years returned to California with me to spend a few days visiting. Momma was with us in her plastic bag in the black plastic box with the lid that will never close~
You will in some way want to be remembered by the ones you leave behind living with the thoughts and memories of the life they shared with you. There is two basic funeral services offered today in the United States and those are a burial or cremation.
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