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What might a New York Police Department approved 'choke hold' and an internationally accepted type of cricket ball-bowled have in common?
England beat Australia in 4th match and equalize the series.
Article on the Brand Sachin Tendulkar and his marketing legacy
Who Will Win Cricket World Cup 2015 ? Take a look at every teams chances and who is the favorites you ?
This is a fantasy, based on Twenty20 cricket. All characters and places are imaginary.
The Master player Sachin tendulkar , his records ,his awards .
Afridi's current form in all dempartments is zero but he wants to be led pakistan till ICC world cup 2015, will he able to do this or not? I think his career is almost over now
The capability to make sparkling, skillful interpretation in a spiky and entertaining way is called wit. Wit is useful ability to make out and communicate that is humorous, farcical or bizarre.
It is about the cricket bat,all kinds of bat and its history
This page describes the different aspects of cricket and cricket teams.
Greg Chappell, the former Australian cricketer is known for his controversies.The latest controversy that he sparked of was about the Indian players during the captaincy of Rahul Dravid.
What is entertainment? How huge is this domain? What opportunities does this domain provide? Find everything in this section
It is high time for Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid to pass on the cricketing Baton to youngsters and leave the play field as Demigods.
The king of Pataudi, in other words Nawab of Pataudi, passed away on Thursday and his funeral takes place on Friday, 23 September. Just before his last breath he donated his only eye as a gesture of benevolence.
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