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this page is about Criminal behavior & Antisocial Personality Disorder, etc.
I have read many posts online about why everybody should be allowed to carry a gun in the US. I beg to differ.
Should tax payer's monies be used for maintaining law enforcement machinery? I think not.
I wrote about crime in the United States from a socialist's prospective.
This poem takes a dig at the state of the justice systems in the world. It discusses the shortcomings as well as expresses frustration, desperation and disappointment that the public feel when criminals get free or get lenient sentencing.
Being grown in a family where domestic violence is a daily routine, it is somewhat my experiences and observations which would be writing this article...
Each and every crime is reserved with some punishment and all the persons who are involved in the criminal activities is deserved for the punishment.
Yoga and crime are words that are never used together in the same sentence, and this is one reason that I have combined them in this article. thinking of a stereotypical criminal, as someone who does Yoga just doesn't enter one's mind...
The one comment that I have received so far on my latest article, Do American's Really Want Stronger Gun Control Laws? read, “A shame that any honest person feels they need a gun.” The real shame is that so many relatively intelligent people think that disarming the honest citize...
This article is about a real incident. An angry student killed his Hindi teacher in a cruel way. Read more..
Car insurance...they get you every time, don't they? It's enough to drive you to your wits end...As your money goes down, so their prices increase.. A tongue in cheek look at receiving my latest car insurance renewal quote...
Protests and regime changes are happening all across the Middle East and now we're seeing the unrest in America. Gas prices will rise and as they rise so will the price of eveything else and so will the crime rates.
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