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Violent criminal activities do happen in reality. It is not just something that happens in a scripted movie on your TV screen. You may just find that your home or office has turned into a gory crime scene. When an assault happens, you can expect blood and other body matter to be all o...
Molly and Dad have been called in on a murder investigation. They are at the apartment complex viewing the crime scene. Dad's taking pictures and Molly's looking around the room for clues.
In today's world, sinners roam around.It seems the world is sinking.War here, war there,killing here,killing there.It seems hard to understand and hard to find a solution to stop numerous killings and crimes.The world can no longer sustain and survive. If only love to prevail,humanity...
If you are going to commit a crime, you need to cover the bases. In this case the bases included the burger joint and the kitchen table.
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