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A series of explosions followed by firefight occurred in the shopping center area of Sarinah, Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday (14/1) at around 11:00. As many as seven people were victims, five of them were perpetrators and two were civilians.
Marzeus is feeling very uncomfortable. What keeps bothering him? He changes the position he's laying in. He's in a state between being asleep and being awake, moving more and more towards the latter, but grudgingly. Finally he's conscious enough to start thinking about it clearly. ...
In April 2011, the public protested when a convicted of manslaughter was asked to preform in Montreal's Theatre du noveau monde.
this page is about Criminal behavior & Antisocial Personality Disorder, etc.
Aren't we helping spread awareness about Islamic State and other racial hatred when we discuss it?
Faith and Belief on region do not reflect in personal characters telling us to think why there is influence on people following them.
Three minutes to decide whether you will be ripped off digitally. This is the result from a study of Google employees. Go counterfeiters before professionally, almost one in two users’ falls for the scam.
At one time Britain used the country of Australia as a way to "dispose" of prisoners. At first they use to just kill them, but that was seen as cruel, so they came up with another idea. It was much cheaper for criminals to be shipped to Australia than to be kept, housed, and fed, in ...
Any woman at any time can become instantly placed in a life-threatening situation. Reporting a violent act is embarrassing, but it is essential in stopping the perpetrator from committing further acts of violence against women.
Mentally deranged souls were quite often nothing more then the wives and daughters of men who felt that these women were disobedient and needed punishment. Becoming institutionalized was easy during the late 1700's and on up until the early 1900's. All it took was for someone to class...
A lot goes on behind the scenes of a hotel. What if the guests are all criminals?
Do you find beggars intimidating and annoying or do you feel committed to give them your last coins? Read this before you give away your money!
Insanity as per American law institute’s model penal code states “A person is not responsible for criminal conduct if at the time of such conduct as a result of mental disease or defect he lacks substantial capacity either to appreciate the criminality of his conduct or to conform...
A group of people dressed in costumes of Batman, Robin, David Hasselhoff and Smurf helps police catch a crook in a supermarket in East Lothian, UK.
Evidently fraud and tender corruption made them millionaires, but after years of living in extravagance, the Kwazulu-Natal business woman Shauwn Mpisane and her husband, former metro cop S'bu, were finally stripped in 2013 of 51 cars and 4 houses.
You are surfing on the Net and suddenly you get an email from your credit card Company. They tell you that your account is closed. To reopen it they need all your details, such as account number, social security and so forth. The truth is that the email is not at all from your credit...
Life can become complicated when you choose the path of lawless behaviour or to marry into that way of life.
In the recent decades, the teenage crimes are on the increase, all over the world. The children are said to be attaining adulthood at an early age. They grow in darkness and frustration.
I can guarantee you that if ever you are accosted, and you have no form of self-defense along with you, not only will you wish that you had done so, but it could be the last wish you will ever make!
Tips and knowledge about criminal defense attorney
A lunatic really has it in for Walmarts. There were eleven bomb threats made over the weekend against nine Walmart store in Missouri and three against Walmart stores in Kansas. Calls were made to each of the stores and the message was always the same, “There's a bomb in the building...
These are the steps in reporting a crime and getting legal help.
A critical look at the death penalty and what consequences on our society it will have if instated.
We deal with the honesty and trustworthiness of the local police. integrity, they have none
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