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The founder reclaimed a tract of marshy land and built an institute. I was supposed to write a poem to commemorate Founder's Day.
A poem of the many faces of autumn and the romance in each encounter.
There are so many words to describe autumn. Different emotions arise in this season. Some people dream, some become nostalgic of the past. Writers are stimulated to write a beautiful piece of their imagination.
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
This was my first time painting with the colour 'gold'. I love painting and the joy that my paintings bring. The quote that states, 'Dance as if no one is watching..' is hard to apply to life. I feel that I can apply this to my art.
An Ode to anyone who has ever felt that skip in their heartbeat, butterflies in their stomach and the elated sigh we all long for.
~ to reassert tribal needs & memories ~ Jim Morrison ~ enveloped by you ~ silent & foreboding girl-cats ~ Nietzsche ~ you expect to break me? Impossible! You broke me years ago ~ Charles Manson ~ I stand beneath the mystic moon, an opiate vapor, dewy, dim ~ Poe ~ riding dead horses ~
I wrote this a couple of weeks ago for somebody, decided to publish it now. A bit of pain, a dash of uncertainty, some love-oriented thoughts and sentiments. One of my few poems that actually rhymes.
A new stunning resort and spa in Mactan that would capture you any time.
A simple poem I've written. I guess you can say there is a double meaning here.
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