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...some tips for crisis... Do you agree with these tips? Can you suggest others?
I have used positive affirmations to shift my thinking, creating new possibilities in my life. Today's article provides positive affirmations that can be used while in the midst of a crisis.
Angelina Jolie characterizes the refugee crisis as an "explosion of suffering"
The 2007 - 2009 economic crisis caused a global recession where jobs and homes were lost for many families. Looking back 6 years later, are you still feeling the effects?
They see but they take no notice. They are told but they loose focus. The signs are there but they dwell in their naivety. Is it wrong to highlight a plight that you yourself know just might simply be ignored...? That is the question I ask.
In order to give yourself the best chance of survival when facing illnesses or accidents, it may help to store in your mind some letter-related and word-related "triggers."
Hostage negotiations are a serious matter. Excellent training and experience will determine the success of these type of encounters determining, in a very real sense, who will live and who will die. Let us now explore just one such scenario.
Babies are the foundation stone . Babies should be well protected so that they may not suffer.Babies are the priceless treasure.Under no circumstances can they be regarded as trifle matter . Babies are intelligent and they know how to draw the atten...
Princess is our faithful pet.She is caring and lovable that she has become a faithful member in our house hold.She demands love and affection from every member of the household. similarly she gives love and affection in return..She is very much careful about her duties in the eve...
A grim look at the reality of where our nation stands as a confused country today.
5 Tips to help a friend on their terms. How to be the friend they need.
Right now we are facing a crisis in democracy that needs to be addressed urgently. There are many people that do not vote because they believe that either the system does not work or that change is impossible, this was not the way that democracy was supposed to happen.
I've always liked William Blake and enjoyed the way he often deals with a very serious subject by employing a deceptively simple style. I attempted the same in this little ditty about the financial crisis and how fiat money used to create an illusion of prosperity eventually created c...
Governments, following the financial markets policies on public expenditure, are trying to dismantle our Social Welfare System everywhere.
There should be great caution and though before carrying out that airstrike
I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.
Looking at people under one's nose, because they perform one of these so called menial jobs is classist and shows prejudice.
Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at a blank page.
Social media is a fantastic tool for building awareness for a campaign and raising money using your friends and networks. Follow some of these hints and tips to raise as much money as possible through social media.
Modern world is losing its mental health. It is becoming more depressed. Mental health is very important for physical health. Today, 10 October, is the World Mental Health Day.
A growing crisis in which hopes for the future are dashed or deterred coincides with the release of the I Phone 5 which is defying the uncertainties the media is talking about.How could this be?
It is a poetry abou my feelings as being unemployed and precaurious life and hoping to find a way out
How the contorted and incomprehensible global financial markets create situations where Warren Buffett's dire prophecy on the Euro could be fulfilled. Euro Collapse = Global Depression.
this are lyrics telling the stories of a battle. this battle are fought between man and his struggles for survival, on against esteemed standards.
Just a view of status of Greece regarding Eurozone.
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