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Think about it, we all want to be perfect and we all want to always win. But, it does not always happen that way. But here is the catch: If everything were perfect and we always won, there would still not be consistent perfection for there would be boredom still. Perfection is an idea...
There is confusion about moderation on Wikinut about writing skills as opposed to no writing skills; the latter is likely to see an unquestioned moderation here.
When people say you are gone, prove them that they are wrong
When positive critiques are just platitudes, and actual advice is seen as nit-picking, a good critique can be hard to find. So why bother -- offering it or receiving it?
This poem compares the minds of cryptic's and sexual maniac's who deem themselves as poets
There had been a conflict in my life whether to live or die. But I made up my mind to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful life after many vacillations. That make a great will power and faith in the Creator.
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