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Think about it, we all want to be perfect and we all want to always win. But, it does not always happen that way. But here is the catch: If everything were perfect and we always won, there would still not be consistent perfection for there would be boredom still. Perfection is an idea...
Casting agent, Chrissy Glickman of Matador Content is giving a shout out to various paranormal teams and ghost hunting enthusiasts to see who would be interested in baring everything on camera. The call for naked ghost hunters for the new paranormal series will open up new doors of c...
Looking at Obama's foreign policy and how it is weaker than people would like. The decisions he has to make, going forward in Iraq and Afganistan are difficult and he has not had a strong history of foreign policy dtrength.
When positive critiques are just platitudes, and actual advice is seen as nit-picking, a good critique can be hard to find. So why bother -- offering it or receiving it?
A How-To on writing critiques for professionals when they ask for one.
We see so often comments criticizing another's writings even here on wikinut. Yet within each writing a truth stands forth...the truth as it is for the one who who the hell are you to criticize...rather let it be !!!!!!
To be positive in his attitude, one has to master his negativity. I learned it the hard way.
Two murder, thriller type movie reviews. One review of a popular TV show that has become my favorite. All three are worth a watch.
Belief is the 1st- thing that comes in relationship & one should have enough Courage to carry it... paYel pAuL
Constructive criticism is not the same as revile. Critic/s wants you to change and not to bring you down.
This writing took place a few weeks ago--I assumed it being mediocre in my way of writing but still in all it does deserve to be in with my works.... I have a few others on line -- waiting for the right time.... to finish them up.... so enjoy.....
A look at people who live (and love) to criticize others. Why do they do it, and how should we react?
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