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Think about it, we all want to be perfect and we all want to always win. But, it does not always happen that way. But here is the catch: If everything were perfect and we always won, there would still not be consistent perfection for there would be boredom still. Perfection is an idea...
This is to counter all those who propose the idea that an Anarchist Society would be exploitive.
so many times we wait at side of shore for something...not really know what it is...this is a metaphor of aspects of life..some to be taken seriously...some not...your choice always....ha!
There is confusion about moderation on Wikinut about writing skills as opposed to no writing skills; the latter is likely to see an unquestioned moderation here.
How a man laments, when he sees all his relatives have deserted him at his old age. He looks for his loyal companion, his shadow, which too seems nowhere in sight, when the old man prepares for his lonely journey for the heaven above.
Many of us are indifferent to miseries, and offences happening all around us. The piece narrates how such an person with indifference changes and retaliates, even at the cost of losing out like the racing bulls pierced to death at the end.
Never before the social media was used as a tool to vent their anger against the tennis star Maria Sharapova, who feigned ignorance of Schin Tendulkar, the greatest living cricket icon from India. The psychology behind the same is analysed here.
How a woman brutalized, climbs back from her agony and washes her mind off the dirt to restart life's journey with grit and determination.
The tough life of the soldiers manning the borders to keep peace is hardly known to ordinary citizens. This poem gives the perspective from the soldier's view.
A man, wasted his life, without enjoying the nature abound, wakes up to hurriedly catch up whatever he had missed in his life.
India got independence 67 years ago. Many governments during this period have indulged in corruption, nepotism and mis-governance. A new government has taken over, with lotus as its symbol, bringing a new hope to its citizens.
A motivational poem, based on a child building sandcastle, washed away by the tides. Unnerved the child is happy to have the sand to rebuild the castle again and again!
The divide between the rich and the poor is constantly and alarmingly widening. The author probes into the feelings of a poor man befriended by crows and dogs.
The protagonist breaks the heart of his lover, and wishes to make amends, succeeding in it, over a shared cup of coffee!
A failed poet, being mocked by everything around him, writes for his pet dog!
Gender imbalance due to foeticide and infanticide has increase the incidence of rapes in India. The author's expression!
On 7th July, an old retired teacher, living alone in Kolkata was brutally murdered. The author's expression of sorrow!
One does not need enemies if they have fake friends, seemingly close and pretentious, but plotting and jealous. The author equates them with Satan!
The importance of man to connect with nature is described in this blog.
The old man is presumed dead, and the related events are narrated in this poem!
I have tried to explain the ghetto mentality of most societies. Written on 1st April, The fools' day!
This is a motivational poem urging to dream high and worthy.
With a billion plus people using Face book, it has become a medium of global friendship and understanding, sometimes, with adverse effects too. Particularly of concern are the predators targeting minor children, who fall prey. Yet the medium has become an inseparable one for communica...
This a teenage poem. A spurned boy's travails are described!
Lesbianism is criminalized in many countries. The poem deals with the primitive society which stones the offender to death!
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