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Have you ever started doing a craft or project and all of a sudden loose the instrument you are working with?
When you mention creativity, people think you’re talking about painting, or something high flown. Most people say they don’t have to time for any of that arty-farty stuff. But creativity is not the same thing as Art, painting water colours or writing sonnets or anything like that...
Crocheting, like embroidery, is both an enjoyable and a gainful activity. Read and learn the basics of this wonderful craft.
this show will teach you what stitches to use for the pattern they are doing and working on and the size of needles and everything else and it will show you how to get dvd 's and magazines and free pattern downloads on all the patterns they have online
Annies Attic is very good site to get your HookandNeedleKits and I will explain more in the bottom part of the page. you can go see this site at if you choose to and hope you like what you see I have done many of the kits so far that are to my liking an...
By using free toddler crochet patterns you can make sure your kids will be dressed well.
Crocheted mittens and glove are better than anything available in a store
Making crocheted stuffed animals is easier than you think
Crocheted refrigerator magnet add a nice touch to kitchen decor
Crocheted finger puppets will keep kids amused for hours
Crocheted potholders are both pretty and functional
Children love handmade crocheted dolls made to their specifications
Crocheted slippers and socks make for wonderful gifts at holidays
Crochet boxes and containers can be quite unusual in design
Crochet patterns for hair accessories are a great way to make a fashion statement
Sunflowers are fun to make and have many uses in the home
Crocheted stars can be utilized in a number of ways
Crochet patterns based on food can create a central theme
Crochet necklaces add a personal touch to tasteful fashion
A crochet choker makes for a nice fashion statement
There are tons of free crochet patterns to choose from.
Coasters are easy to make and protect valuable furniture
Crochet dish scrubbers save money and come in quite handy
A few great place to find free patterns for kids crochet hats.
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