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Marzeus's sister, Elmarie, and her husband, have lived more than a year on Tower Hills. Their other business had died out, and so, Father helped them with millions to set up a partnership between them and him to set up a paprika plantation.
It difficult to feed water to plants and crops by special technique evaluating water by Roots Up has designed a greenhouse for use in hot, dry climates that collects dew for irrigating the crops inside.
An apple-picking session leads to reflections about modern-day conveniences and age-old prejudices...
It involves the views about our country , religion , farming , women support etc. Please give your views.
Give the unemployed plots where they can grow their own healthy food as they´ll be able to eat and they´ll have something to focus on every day.
We need to protect the bee, without the bee we are no longer here. We are gone. Everything will be gone.
This is a brief account of a type of potatoes that can be quite a dish.
As of Summer 2012, there is still now known cause for the decline of the honeybee population, but some people are pointing fingers at Monsanto, and specifically at GMO crops.
For years we've been observing the destructive development of Monsanto. Many people here in Europe haven't even heard of them and much less understand the negative consequences world-wide of Monsanto "trying to play God". Read on for my personal opinion on the subject.
sugar cane grows in the tropical countries, hanging in the fields like sweet lollipops, the taste is refreshing and desirable.
This is a very brief description of what it will take to get started in the farming industry.
Success in home gardening does not only include knowing the tools to use, making a garden plot, knowing what to plant and knowing how to make compost. It also involves a wider understanding of how planting is done.
Knowing some simple things we can do on how to prevent soil erosion.
Tips on which crops to plant and harvest on Farmville.
A great money making technique for the popular Facebook game Farmville.
There's a rumor going around that animals in Farmville can run away. Is it true?
A list on the farmville crops that will pay off the most.
If your farm needs a decoration that's one level way, or you just want to get closer to level seventy, you can use these power leveling techniques to level up fast.
A guide about the animals in Farmville - the Facebook game.
Five simple tactics that will gain you XP like crazy.
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