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'Star Wars : Episode VII The Force Awakens' will appear 38 years after the first Star Wars episode to have ever been released in theatres. The coming episode will then gather fans of all ages and may thus appeal to families. The commercial version of Sphero's BB-8 is set to enterta...
In every war, there are always two sides, fighting and we always think that ours is the best and worth to be supported.
I can hear them coming in the hallway. Whispering, they are wondering if they will still find me here in Tower Mansion, as I am known to be out of bed very early sometimes and sometimes not so.
This is a poem about forgiveness and God's Love for mankind.
The symbol of cross reminds us of what God was willing to bear in order to correspond His love to us, and therefore it is our example of what we should be willing to undergo for others.From the very beginning of humanity in general, believers were using the sign of the cross as a mea...
When I first came to the Lord my Saviour - all I had to offer was my rags and regrets - but He accepted them - and changed me ... and there is always room for you too.... with Him .
Jesus the Christ by his former name and Beingness comes as thunder from above, incensed as he is by the fitting of his body onto a cross of man’s own sordid making! But let him explain once again to all those of religious fervour just where they went wrong! – Uthrania Seila Sentan...
This is my version in poetic form of Good Friday - The greatest Friday in all History .
On that fateful Friday many failed in what they ought to have done. Yet, God in His infinitely powerful kindness changed that saddest day into the Good Friday for me.
Who is free of all worry, pain, sorrow or suffering? Even our daily life brings with it difficulties we must face. Each person has a cross to carry.
Jesus is supposed to have died on the cross, but new theories are surfacing after research that Jesus survived the cross and lived to a ripe old age in Kashmir
"O Dear Lord! I`m real bushed to bear my shabby cross. It is so hard an` I`m collapsed, legs sinking under loss..."
Marks Pet Ownership Guide Challenge: Bugg has been blessed with the best of both worlds, being a mixed breed dog. He has a wonderful temperament and he sure is one good looking dog.
Here are some of the many reasons why I worship Messiah Yeshua.
Are you looking for real love or have you been disappointed so badly by people that you have no idea as to where to turn to? There is someone who will never let you down.
Walking sticks will also come in handy when crossing a stream, they will guide the hikers on where the ground is more firm and safe to cross.
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
Sitting all alone.. What I hear is the clock ticking its hand.. Slowly but sure, it ticks life away.. It ticks time and memories away..
~as the prisoner blinks in the sun~Morrison~oh you strange fellow~thus spoke Zarathustra~Nietzsche~ if I started murdering people there'd be none of you left~Manson~ride boldly~ride~the shade replied~if you seek for Eldorado~Poe~
I am wearing thin My eyes look bleak And my body is so weak I can’t get to my feet
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