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For years, Indian IT Professionals have had a good time both in India and abroad, even though there were many who did not like them due to multiple factors. However, changing times and circumstances have now placed them at crossroads and next few years would be crucial to see what is ...
We are on a relentless journey with no one with wisdom or clout to guide us. Robots are taking over in subtle ways and we may cease to be the masters of our destiny. The momentum is gathering speed by the day. Nature should be our best guide and when we align with its basics we shoul...
Buddha urged us to take a middle path and accept suffering as part and parcel of life. Have we made progress to find a way out of this vicious cycle? It is time we got our priorities right.
Bona fide as in bona fide bad ass. That is all. Also, this is kind of meant as a thank you to someone for being there for me and being so awesome. If " you're" reading this: It's been rad, it's been real. Love you man, and thanks again.
the god-forsaken cross roads and my scrambled head!
Democracy and Freedom go hand in hand. Sadly, they have proven to be elusive to vast majority when few call the tune whoever is in power. The lofty ideal of government of the people,by the people and for the people remains a mirage for most. Time for the next positive step.
A minority is able to manipulate democracy and freedom to their advantage. The slip between the cup and the lip plays out ad nauseam to the chagrin of the majority.
Finally reaching the crossroads, we will find out, having been unaware
It seems to us that we have no saying in what happens to us; but the contrary is true. We choose our lives, even though our decisions are made in a twinkling of an eye. We prepare to either accept or reject conditioning; hence, we choose our poems from what we live and experience.
2010 November Chapbook Challenge Day 18- Lost and Found poem
2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge. Day 14 Crossroads poem. Dedicated to my best friend Adam.
It's not uncommon that when a movie is remade or re-imagined in some cases it gets the same name so we get the likes of The Italian Job and Ocean's Eleven sharing the same name. But it's also not that unusual for two totally different movies to share the same name leading to the occas...
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