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Next day a group of elephants arrived there. The bird saw them and approached Gajaraj.
crows are supposed to be dimwits but contrary to accepted thoughts, they are highly intelligent beings
The Crow has been in the works for over a year. I started it in November of 2012 and finally got it to where I can share it. The beliefs of some native American tribes and those of its leaders is the theme of this piece. The Crow holds a powerful and mystic position in their teachings...
In the human imagination, Crows have always been creatures of extremes. They are clever, serious, loud, passionate and secular.
It is better not to say good things in bad company. They will never appreciate, but may even ridicule. See, what happens to the swan...
Crow and the Cuckoo- The Eternal Rivalry. No one knows when did it began and the reason for it. A Poetry explaining this Rivalry
We share lust, avarice, cruelty, and all other crimes. The only good thing in me that I love my community is not found in you. You do not take care of your fellow humans .Now decide the matter yourself; who is worse, a man or a crow?
Cuckoo of the human world: the influential class and the crow, the common man are fighting with each other for gaining the upper hand. But it is the common lot of the crow that he is doomed forever. Cuckoo has the knack to camouflage itself according to the need of the time.
It is a long poem about the loyalty and betrayal.It will be liked by all who will read it with heart and mind.
It is very unfortunate to see that the abandoned newborns are increasing in the Society day by day! It is an important issue to ponder on that, what happened with the maternal instinct of today’s women. Lust and Social pressures in their lives have pushed their ethics to a back seat...
The natural disliking bird is crow but it does a lot for the society
During our daily life we never take our food without offering a morsel to the crow.
Speech determines the dignity of a person. Thoughtful words never put one into trouble.
~ a man on the road ~ usually doesn’t have much ~ in the sense of money & possessions ~ what worth is positive energy ~ vitality of spirit ~ a predisposition toward hope & dreams ~ the hunger to share them ~
~singing in the loft~balcony~feathers dripping dew~& doo on you~wings fluttering~talons grasping~a circling retreat~dive of vengeance~masters of survival~reptilian spore~lizard wings wizard~tongue in beak cawing~dripping aeon~a limbing gasp~egg fertilization~
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