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Donald Trump is extremely damaged psychologically. As such, he is a threat to the well-being of everyone on the planet.
Some people have practised evil and division-sowing into an art form. That would be Mary and Harrison.
I was reading this article about Mother Theresa, and it brought to surface many complex thoughts. Has anybody done any study about improvement in the way children treat parents before and after the lady?
Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
Romantic feelings are heart-felt not to be understood by any other means. Romance can be enjoyed if the mind is full of emotions. A depressed mind can not enjoy the feelings of romance,rather a romantic mind can easily erase depressions from the mind.
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
So many people now operate from sheer jealousy and greed...They refuse to do anything to look good rather gorge and then are cruel to those of us who take good care of our bodies and this is what this is about...
In this second segment concerning the topic of animals, the Mancharians touch on the shades of emotion the animals have the capacity of exhibiting (from happiness to sadness), aspects that most people think are unique to humans. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Can cats have a vegan diet? Is it okay to feed potatoes to cats? What happens when a cat is fed a vegan diet? Do cats have to eat meat? What is a good pet for a vegan?
When I first saw the video I cried. Then as the leopard moved into transformation because of Anna's ability to communicate with pictures in her mind to this fabulous animal I cried some more...perhaps I am a cry baby for I cry for sadness and I cry for joy...but I was moved to write ...
I stray into the dusty plains of Africa where magnificent animals run incredible..morph it does into the greed of men who went and disturbed the tribal glory to sell as slaves..
Zoosadism sadly exists in this world and just recently, they went viral! How would you react to the things they do for a living?
Terrorism which we all hate , we pity for victims .. we all want it to end... but it just goes on... What India , What America ... what Pakistan... its always HUMAN Blood the Common man today is the only Sufferer. Why ~~ he is angry WHY ~~ he wants to know why the hell this way.. why ...
A violent stampede is raging in the world, a stampede for money, power and position. Man can steal,rob, cheat, swindle, embezzle, forge,and even murder a fellow human for selfish gains.Where will this stampede lead the human society?
Once the river was like a young maiden, full of life, vigour and water, Today only a narrow and dirty stream flows through the town. Squatters have encroached the river bed. The river of my childhood memories is slowly dying.
Buried deep within all of us is a streak of sadistic cruelty...sometimes it surfaces as sex, other times as worse things but we wont go this if you dare...
This is written in response to a comment by a person who said that at least milk and cheese are not cruel because no animals die. You would be surprised at just how cruel the dairy industry is, and how animals are killed for cheese and milk.
How come parents allow their kids to step on ants but yell at them for holding a kitten too tight? Millions of animals are killed every year, why don't we do something to end some of the suffering?
This is a short tribute poem about a wee dog called Jack.
A short poem, and true story about a horse called Lena.
The movie The 13 Assassins is an incredible tale of thirteen warriors setting out to right the wrongs done by a group of wrongdoers. A parable into this what you will.
The movie Spartacus and then the TV series starring Andy Whitfield inspired me to write this as a dedication to Andy who died far too young. He found a very special place in my heart that still remains. This article is about all of the foregoing and more...enjoy!
This is the tale of Dorian Gray..who turned into the darkness of his soul preferring to keep his beauty forever by selling his soul to the Devil and all that did ensue. Beware my friends in case it happens to you!!!
As a writer, I can write about almost anything. This is written in dedication to an egotistical and cruel frenchman I once knew.
For those of you who are fascinated by history (be it true or a distorted view of history) this will bring some of the historical people and periods who still fascinate me. From Merlin to Spartacus to Edward 1 to John and now The Game of Thrones.
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