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This is the third writ of Captain Wilheim Forsythe, who is the latest Commander of the starships adding his voice to the chorus of his equally prominent kind to warn the world of the impending end and the inevitable evacuation. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Trace the footsteps of a group of spiritual people who lived happily together in the lush foothills and then withdrew to the medieval towns of Minerve and Carcassonne before surrendering to Simon de Montford and their slaughter ensuing. Journey through the beautiful countryside that ...
Brave resisters of the evil Bieber and Twilight "crazes"! (More like diseases!) Our time has come! Rise up with me as we destroy these abominable plagues and drive their followers into the sea!
In today’s society, modern archaeologist are still absolutely fascinated by the legend of the Holy Grail, and they have gone to great lengths in search of this valuable object, and the subject has found its way into literary renaissance of inspired realms. The illusion has captured ...
Some basic facts about the Islamic religion. I hope that you find it useful.
Demonstrations and rallies - all that they do is to add to the fear of investors depriving ourselves of the investments needed to kick-start the economy but they also help to check our officials' wrong doings!
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