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Saladin was a great Sultan who ousted the Christains from Jerusalem and yet treated his opponents with chivalry.
Three famous men, seen as great heros who were more destructive and whose legacy is questionable.
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
We always have a choice where we wish to walk..some of us will always choose the Path that leads to Light and loving...others will keep on ranting about darkness and hate and bigotry and wave a bloody book at not go that way for the results will not be happy ones...
Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. Each of us needs to transcend our religion.
What makes a church? Is it a building? Or is it a community of people who gather in a place?Or is it a place that accommodates just worshipping? What did Jesus mean by his commandment to his disciples to go and announce the Gospel?
It was sad to see Thomas Kincaide pass away on Good Friday of this year.
Brave resisters of the evil Bieber and Twilight "crazes"! (More like diseases!) Our time has come! Rise up with me as we destroy these abominable plagues and drive their followers into the sea!
Canterbury - a city steeped in history, intrigue and wonder. A place where, for centuries, people have come to meet.
The crusades of Europe in many ways moulded the regions culture and religious structure that exists today
Eleanor of Aquitaine mother of romance? Why she became the queen of both England and France.
It is said necessity is the mother of invention but more often than not war gives rise to them both. Falconry and the use of Carrier Pigeons are no exception.
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