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I often want to cry. That is the only advantage women have over men — at least they can cry. ~Jean Rhys
I felt the poem tells a story. I feel the poem is able to touch individuals triggering them to recant a story all of their own.
Danny's Grandpa dies and I find the even Danny thinks about death and the afterlife sometimes.
I discover that there are two things here that people can never get enough of - time and money.
Here is another one of my school days stories from my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey. This particular story is one of my favorites. Tommy never made be cry!
This poem is about finding God's love through crying our years of tears first. When the flow of tears creates a deep enough river, we will finally then see that we have floated now much closer to God. We must often go through such periods of emptiness to see that they too were full...
Felipe tells Mona about his dream and becomes more self accepting.
Crying is your baby's main form of communication and respond to his cries could soon be one of the ways you communicate your love and support. Similarly, a brief review of the meaning of the crying baby and the baby keeps crying for various reasons. Learn more about why babies fuss an...
Did you know that tears actually are a "poison" that coming out from our body? When we cry, we will grow and release adrenocorticotropic hormone and our body will more easily feel shaken and vulnerable. Find out more about what will happen to our body when we cry through this entire a...
The author at first did not know existed secrets behind blubber but after examining several sources, there was a study done on this. Sounds trivial but it sure makes us more open express wherever we are.
Goosebumps occur on our skin when we feel cold, fear, and shock or experience something amazing that affect our emotion. Find out more why Goosebumps make the hairs in our body standing when we feel cold, fear or getting pressure.
A Childhood Tragedy that has haunted me for 41 years, and will continue to do so until the day I die. God, bless little children, and pray they have parents who watch over them and keep them safe!
Wondering what this page is about?Ok I am going to tell you about the health benefits of crying.
I love to write about - love - peace - beauty - harmony and blessings .........but not today is different .....
When all seems lost and the only way out seems to be to end it all, suddenly a flicker of hope enters.
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
When presidential aspirant, Gladys Gachanja, breaks down during her party launch, the whole country becomes a frenzy of her emotional breakdown...
The angst of a lonely 20-something struggling to find life's path, the despair of living life in fear of pain, rejection, or even not at all, and the desire to find a way to live.
I saw a prompt on a writing website, to write a three paragraph short story with the first line of each paragraph starting with the same sentence. I'm not sure what inspired this story line, but this is what I came up with.
fictional but thought provoking! Is there somebody you know who may be struggling to cope with their child that you could help?
This poem is simply written because sometime we suffer in silence and refuse to give up through any obstacles and circumstances.
November PAD Challenge Day 30- write a Milk poem. In this case about our nation.
A short poem I've just come up with! Very excited to share this one.
This poem is about being happy ,and smiling in life. Also winning doesn't mean coming in first.
This poem was found in my notebook and was made before my short story "The Interview" and was made after my other poem "Christmas Mourning". I forgot about this poem and therefore, I don't have much to say. Comments are open.
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