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She has the sweetest voice and her sweet song marks the start of summer. Have you heard the sweet voice of the cuckoo bird??
A poem describing springtime.The last part is about the free sunlight of spring that we enjoy.Since spring month is a taxpaying month,hence the word "tax" is included in the poem.
Winters gone and the days get warmer. Buds grow on the trees and the blackthorn blossom has blown away. The mead's are dry the meadows in flower but it is not yet spring a Cuckoo sits on the bough of a tree. It is not spring until he sings. Nature holds it's breath while it waits.
Crow and the Cuckoo- The Eternal Rivalry. No one knows when did it began and the reason for it. A Poetry explaining this Rivalry
Cuckoo of the human world: the influential class and the crow, the common man are fighting with each other for gaining the upper hand. But it is the common lot of the crow that he is doomed forever. Cuckoo has the knack to camouflage itself according to the need of the time.
It is very unfortunate to see that the abandoned newborns are increasing in the Society day by day! It is an important issue to ponder on that, what happened with the maternal instinct of today’s women. Lust and Social pressures in their lives have pushed their ethics to a back seat...
"It is a wise father who knows his own child," as the old saying goes. But in these days of DNA analysis more and more men are discovering sometimes uncomfortable facts about their children -and their partners.
A look at the paired songs "Winter" and "Spring" from William Shakespeare's comedy Love's Labour's Lost.
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