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We lead busy lives and in today's world that is unavoidable. Do you ever take the time to think about what you leave behind? Do you prepare things so as to leave the best of what you have to your loved ones? Take a moment and reflect. What's your legacy?
In the northern part of Luzon, “pagpapapako sa krus” or crucifixion on the cross during Lenten season is a Filipino authentic practice as a Roman Catholic believer. This is a belief of true sacrifice imitating Christ’s suffering in his last days on earth. Crucifying one’s sel...
Ternate Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the area of Sultan Khairun Street, Village of Soa Sio, District of North Ternate, Ternate, and Province of North Maluku. This mosque is a proof of the existence of the first Islamic Sultanate in Eastern Archipelago (Nusantara).
"Don't be serious, be sincere."!!Enjoy your life sincerely.
The American south has both the heart of a nation and the scars to bear for its discrepancies. Truly nothing feels better than home and these old-fashioned values define this region and it's fascinating culture, it may not be for everyone but no-one its prouder and more loyal to their...
The cultural heritage of the Igbo people and how they lived communually.the houses they built and the less complicated lives they lived.
A large number of highest Temple towers dot the skyline of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The Tamils had been the most skilled Temple builders. These Temples are landmarks of the celebrated heritage of the Tamil speaking people.
Visit Ukraine and see the genuity of a perfect blend between the Slavic and Soviet culture with new developments of modern and contemporary structures/cultures. Though not all cities but these ones.
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