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Explores Windy City Appetites as a Cultural DNA Lure
Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics
Fireworks a device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.
how to make batik indonesian , indonesian batik is very famous
Ternate Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the area of Sultan Khairun Street, Village of Soa Sio, District of North Ternate, Ternate, and Province of North Maluku. This mosque is a proof of the existence of the first Islamic Sultanate in Eastern Archipelago (Nusantara).
The whole page talks about the Indian religion on a whole and finally progresses to the Mithila culture and religion in Bihar. it will demonstrate the customs and traditions that we follow............
The beginning of each culture comes from one small seed carried by beings of wisdom from other places...the part each plays we and them is part of the evolution of man..and all sentient beings too...enjoy
Did you already know about how unique of this beautiful animal? If you doesn't know yet, let's check this out
To ask ourselves where we would like to go, is not only a vacation destination, but also what direction in life
This is a review of ethical soundscape a well written book by Charles Hirschkind. It focusses on the use of cassettes in delivering sermons by the Egyptian.The information contained in this book is clear and very informative.
While whites arm themselves around the country.myself or others cry out for less black on black crime also the violence.disparity as is befalls the black African Americans themselves. They are part of the fallen lifestyle that is making the blacks disappear into the dust of there anc...
We have several means by which we acquire knowledge today the radio, the Television the cinema, the newspaper, and now we also inter net , but reading of books is the most ancient and effective of them all. reading of books is different from mechanized instruction.
Life in Singapore is full of colour as the festivals celebrated by the Muslims in Singapore show.
I had never been to England before. When I was given opportunity to pursue my PhD from Portsmouth, it was the maiden opportunity to stay (rather than visit) in this country and learn and know the realities of the English society. Since I was born and brought up in India, I had very li...
This article looks at how people with different cultural as well as racial backgrounds can relate to each other with harmony and respect. It explores how these differences can actually enable us to learn more about human relations and makes for interesting conversations and interactio...
A look at how culture itself as changed and how youth's views on culture has changed. Some of this article deals with the modernisation and westernisation of the meaning of culture as well as the actions, behaviour, reactions, philosophies patterns of thinking of modern society on cu...
This is all about the eggs commonly consumed here in the Philippines. They may not be popular in other countries but these are all common food attractions here in the Philippines.
This is a survey of the nations of the world, pointing out unique features which appealed to me as I did my research, using a map to guide me. My survey direction starts along the coasts, then goes inland.
This is a continuation of the African nations, starting at the western bend of the continent. My survey contains good and bad news, but bad news which I think is necessary for the world to know about.
How far the West mixes up with the East in a conflict of values and cultures, particularly where society is closed one- A matter of contemplation.
Women's rights is a globe issue. Papua New Guinea has its own struggles which this article comments on.
Many people in the world do not know that there is a country called Papua New Guinea. This article will introduce to readers some bits and pieces of Papua New Guinea.
Do you like travelling and tasting different kinds of food? Even in your own country do you look for restaurants with our countries food on the menu? İ do, because i love tasting different recipes and learning what other people eat all around the world..
Like most other African countries, Ghana too has a very rich cultural tradition that would fascinate any observer. This Gold Coast is mulitcentric and multiethnic society with colours and shades of humanity.
Tripe ( Serobe ) A popular dish of Botswana. Thoroughly washed, then boiled mixture of tripe, intestines, lungs and some inside parts of a cow, goat or sheep are cooked until soft . If an animal is sheep or goat, the trotters are added. They organs are then cut into small pieces wi...
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