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My dog Leelee thinks she is human. Leelee, the dachshund, likes to do things that humans do. My dachshund is very funny; she keeps my whole family laughing.
A commentary on the abuse of sports, but particularly football at a time when there's massive unemployment, evictions and people living on the breadline.
An organization in California named Reduce. Reuse. Develop. has thought of a biodegradable espresso glass, inserted with local tree and plant seeds. When you've completed your espresso, you can plant the glass, or return them, to be planted by the organization.
I’d like to cup your face..This poetry is not for any one here but my lost friend... who wanted to tell his gf ...but couldn't do as he met with an accident.. with this card in his hand ..Sad but you may like it .. tis for none of you
John and Mary were married. One day Mary left the house and returned about 3 am. John started messing with things Mary and found a diamond necklace.
Nature reveals her daytime glory at the dawn. Poems on dawn and the breaking of the sun.
This is a poem I wrote for Easter Day and read it in our Cafe Church Service ..
This is my cooking lab article is about three different Indian tea varieties. It contains recipes and procedure of Ginger tea, Masla tea and Cumin seed tea.
There may be lot of dis-advantages by using un-fitted bra, it may lead to breast cancer also.
"From the maternal gloom original light came... ...and I was born by chance..."
This poem was written in free verse with the movement of casual thought, as one might ponder a memory.
A visit to a psychiatrist is not a sign of mental illness. Many of us get overwhelmed at times.
Outcome of the 2011 Men's Finals Rodgers Cup. It was a great match indeed!
The next three games for Arsenal will have a large impact on the course of their season. Will they finish May with silverware or with shattered dreams?
My thoughts on my favourite hot drink, and why I think it should be yours!
I can not live without you; my life would be so forlorn. How can it be no one ever expected the secret time we share
The number 48 wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship for the fifth year in a row!
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