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Human civilization has been developing through intellectuals sowing seeds for improving quality of life of people. Important of such seeds are detailed here under each of which has contributed to make human life independent of Nature.
I love this poem. I wrote it a fair few years ago. It is one of my better attempts I believe. Would love to hear what others have to say. My thoughts and ideas behind writing the verse was that it could potentially be used in some form of advertising campaign. I would simply be made u...
It is really a sad time now to witness so many diseases being introduced all over the world without any medicine to cure those.
Your depression is not caused by the outside world, but by your own personality. By transforming your personality you will stop feeling sad and discouraged and you will learn how to change your life; even if you believe that there are many things you cannot change.
What causes depression, how do we fight it, and is there a cure.
A lot, things that cause this disease came. Start of mostly eating sweet foods, our teeth are hollow, or there is an infection of the gums.
The world is now facing a new huge problem which is caused by the "Ebola Virus". It is a deadly disease and there's no cure for this disease yet so to prevent the ebola virus from infecting us is the best thing to do right now.
The healing powers of Saranac Lake was originally discovered by Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau as the optimal treatment location, who himself was seriously ill with tuberculosis, eventually relocated to the Adirondacks in 1873, after noticing a marked improvement in his health that cou...
Restless Leg Syndrome can keep people awake at night. My wife had this problem and after doing some research I found a simple solution for my wife's restless leg syndrome, to help her sleep better at night. Learn how we found solutions to reduce the problems with RLS.
Before the age tablets and capsules man had discovered that when he was ill he could use various roots, leaves, barks, seeds of flowers of plants to get rid of his illness. Usually, this knowledge of cures was with the medicine man of a village that passed on his knowledge to his chil...
Why is it pimples seem to appear at the most inconvenient times! Before a formal occasions, interview or even a first date, theses horrible spots are not picky! So what is the quickest way to resolve this stressful problem?
Individual can survive without food for weeks. Some people have fasted for forty or fifty days. You can get along without water for days but you cannot get along for more than a few minutes without breathing. It is a proof how important your lungs are to you. Most people just take the...
This Article Is Explaining How To Do Natural Herbal Remedies For A Sore Throat. Please Keep Reading For More Important Information.
Cellulite is an accumulation of water and waste in the fatty layer under the skin, which causes lumps to form and gives the skin that horrible orange peel look. So what can you do to stop it? With some simple, affordable tips you could very well stop it before it even happens.
Nature may hold the answer to your beauty woes, essential oils can have amazing results when used as part of your everyday beauty routine.
How often we believe that every little ache can be cured just by taking a pill
Part seven of the ongoing blog series Life as a Medical Anomaly. This part focuses on dealing with asthma.
Pimple-free Skin is Beautiful. So many people tries to get the best skin they can have. Television is oveflowing with Skin care commercials which are enticing you to spend money on their beauty products. I want other people to learn from my experience on how to save money in curing pi...
Lips are important part of the face and which immediately draw the attention of the people, Having the perfect lips are crucial for any one, so we have to care our lips with these tips
There is new to way to cure addiction that way is Pain curing, Dr German Philipenko of Siberian drug clinic.
Acai berry fruit has its say in curing digestive problems that may result due to insomnia.
Acne isn't just a superficial skin complaint that effects teenagers, it can be a long term embarrassing and disfiguring condition that may remain well into adulthood. It is important to seek professional treatment to reduce both physical and mental scarring. However some people dislik...
A breakthrough has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS and findings are indicating that the treatment is at least 88% successful against most common strains of the virus.
Dandruff is common in ladies and it can be cured by home itself with little tips
Cordyceps, the moving mushrooms seen in places like Tibet are of high medicinal value. It costs up to five-hundred thousand per kilogram. Why?
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