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Ideology in daily life often arises out of a need to find patterns and meaning out of the seemingly random complexities of the world. The characters and methods of detective novels can help us understand the role that ideology plays in our own lives.
It may seem strange to think that there is poison inside our homes that can harm our children. But it is the reality. Hundreds of household products that we use today have the risk of danger to children.
What was the world like at 58 B.C.? In Egypt it was the reign of co-regents Cleopatra V Tryphaena (58 BC-57 BC) and Berenice IV Cleopatra Epiphaneia. The rest is about Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. I just want to satisfy my curiosity on the meaning of a marker in Geneva, Switze...
I do not understand why these questions pop up again and again in my mind....
I finally read this book, turns out it's pretty damn good.
Curiosity of the human body.Interesting things about the human species
Things that are so important to you at one point in time can become a little less important with the ticking of the clock.
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