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This all about the peace situation in most of the countries these days wherein violence, massive bombings occurs and most of all the used of these chemical weapons which leads to mass destruction.
The EURO disaster is striking at the people only a short 12 years after the inception of the new currency. In my 2 earlier articles I described in detail what was done wrong at the creation and implementation level.Unless Greece and all other Eurozone member countries discover the stu...
This article is about ecurrency transfer from one payment processor to another one
China and USA at War? A new kind of war is being fought between two superpowers. Will it escalate into a global war? Read it now.
Is there happiness in possession of material things? It appears that way to some extent. But, if we analyze deeply, we'll come to a conclusion that money is not everything. And money cannot buy the real 'happiness'. Because the things we buy can only give us 'pleasure', NOT happiness.
How can small businesses benefit during an environment of a weak Dollar. Use the weak Dollar to promote increased profitability and reduced costs.
It used to be that the only time most people would even look at exchange rates was when they were going overseas on holiday. Knowing how many Yen or Rupee you could get to the Dollar was not really a concern for the rest of the year. Since those times, situations have arisen where the...
“Forex”, also commonly known as "currency trading" or simply “Foreign Exchange”. Although there are numerous countries in the world, specifically those in the “Euro Zone”, which share a currency, there are nonetheless a lot of currencies in the world. Even for those countr...
This briefing on Currency Conversion was prepared by Kellie Williams while an Accounting major in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University.
The world is fast turning into a single economic unit. In such a world, there is an increasing need felt for a single global currency. It is difficult to envisage a world of the future without a global currency, which will surely be a reality one day. Here are some ideas for designing...
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