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Here we discuss Free Will before moving on to Noah's getting drunk on the wine from his vineyard and cursing the descendents of his youngest son Ham because he had seen his father still under the influence of the wine and lying naked on the ground in his tent. Later we look at the sto...
A disabled women receives a miraculous healing only to see it reversed when she uses profanity.
The results of a miracle are revoked when the recipient uses profanity.
Can a potty type mouth person really make everyone around them really fast?
In The Fairies is about a man who fell under the spell of fairies and cursed the little people to keep them at bay until he arrived safely home.
oh to look into my mind this will give you a sneak peek into a world i drift too often .. To come up with all my craziness so you can feast your eyes and spirits on a work of artistry.
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