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My sine curve is afloat yes tis afloat... still at your behest ...I post one yet
This is for writers to differentiate between curves and straight lines.
Ladies should concentrate on their body shape, it is must to celebrities to maintain body shape, Jennifer Hudson says that it is proved by studies that chocolate bring back the shapes in body structure.
This is just a simple poem regarding the ignorance people have towards women and their daily struggles to push for perfection,
The size controversy rages on. Even though there are more diverse sizes and shapes are shown, high fashion runways are still very thin.
This piece is about the two books I pub published in Createspace and Kindle.
I have always wondered when I was little where to find the most beautiful women of the world. India has always been in my mind but after already spending 4 years in Ukraine, I think I now know the answer
The title is not what it seems to be about. This is about a relationship and the roadmap is used as a metaphore for that. Written in first person.
Returning for a visit to something or someone from the past carries some risks. Often, things seem to have changed but we can never be certain exactly what they are.
This article contains C++ program for the numerical methods and also I provide free download link of Microsoft Visual C++ for run this program.
Feeling negative about your body image and joining a fitness center? You might give Curves a try.
Love is a gift of God.....It is everywhere but we need pure heart to see it. In this piece of poetry some wonders of love are expressed.
Lines, curves, shades, shadows, light; they are just a few elements of the what we call ART. An element is necessary for every creation before it can be called art. To create a master piece needs a hand and a heart that will bring an inspiration to life.
This article gives information about the geometric term parallel lines. It gives their definition and the difference between parallel lines, skew lines, and perpendicular lines.
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