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In order to keep your circle of customers, you should explore ways that will make your customer experience no less than great.
A guide on the type of customers you will encounter in the retail industry.
Our endless punishment for daring to do business with First National Bank continues in this tale of horrors...
We're at FNB and our lives are being wasted away, as some incompetent girl on the FNB staff is twiddling around this way on her computer and fucking about that way, but she simply doesn't have the competence to do anything.
Well, here Father and Mother and I are in FNB. Father came to upgrade his credit card to platinum so that he can earn "e-bucks" aplenty.
Walmart is the No 1 retailer in the world and from Japan to USA it hold sway. This is because a dedicated retail policy based on the satisfaction of the consumer.
I was one of the people who jumped for joy when the ATM machines finally came to Montreal. No longer would I have to wait in long lines to get to the teller at the bank. It was a perfect solution for quick access to getting cash or paying bills. But you know when they dissolved the ne...
In this article I am going to show you how to ask the hardest question. The hardest question should be asked regularly of your customers, employees and even your spouse.
Everyone you speak to on your way to the 'decision maker' is important. You will learn to write down the names of the people you speak to on the way to your decision maker and be on your way to connecting and developing a relationship with them. Teleconnecting is a set of skills and...
Truly connecting, whether in person, over the phone, through the written word or smoke signals, it is key to be present in the moment or you will miss something and it will probably be important. Teleconnecting Skill #3 is to remind us that all the most important events are happening...
'Teleconnecting' is the name that has been given to a specific set of skills and concepts, forms and formulas for effectively measuring customer satisfaction over the phone while placing an exclamation mark on your customer's decision to do business with you. These skills are also ef...
The skill of ‘Matching Energy’ has been primarily developed around the proactive follow-up satisfaction "Courtesy Call", which effectively measures customer satisfaction while placing an exclamation mark on your customer’s decision to do business with you. Whether making an out...
When did 'Sales and Service' become 'Sales and Marketing'? It didn't happen overnight. No, there has been a long, slow, steady and painful decline in service. But let's think of ways you can enhance your business by building employee and customer loyalty through a simple follow-up ...
To make people return to get more finances, we have to give them more of value
One of the challenges when working with people in a restaurant or hotel is that some of them really don't care about you! If they have a lousy day, you might be the target for their blowouts. A new chapter in my hotel series.
Everyone has experienced either good or terrible customer service. Certainly, the latter is not a pleasant experience. Businesses today seem not to be caring so much about how customers feel about their services and products, all they need is their customers money.
Learning is never old and the human behavior and history repeat itself life a circle..
an essay on dealing with difficult customers, written by a customer service professional for customer service professionals.
While you are racking your brain to figure out why business is down, a host of people have pieces to the puzzle. Once you figure out how to gather these pieces, the picture will become clearer.
This page is about my issues with the poor Customer Service
Avon is business growing both publicly and on the internet. Representatives have several questions about Avon. I wrote an article to help both representatives and customers
This article is about how to deal with the clients as well as getting good feed back from them
Managing customer expectations has always been one of the most interesting challenges faced by any business. Yet even in business it is ultimately people who make the decisions and those decisions made are based on personal preferences. It is therefore a key part of an holistic approa...
Difficult customers are part of your business and you cannot avoid them.
Today customer is king, hence you have to give them good experience when they visit or deal with you.
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