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Our (my) company is thriving (we are still alive) and we would love to share our end of the year report with all our supporters.
The last time we went through a Bugg's day. Bugg was 10 months old. Bugg is now 1 years old today. November 24, 2010. His day starts off a bit rough but, it is a Bugg's world so, I have a feeling it will all be okay.
We have already been through Bugg's morning routine, we are now carrying on with his afternoon play time. I also added a tip that I use for Bugg, while he goes through his teething stage.
I would like to introduce you to my production company, the crew (mostly me) makes this all happen.
You have been told that you must walk your dog for hours a day. Maybe this article will take that leisurely ( As the dog pulls you down the road ) walk out of your life.
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