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More and more people are asking who polices the internet when bad things happen.
I had an immediate issue regarding the Cyber Crime Law, specifically the Cyber bullying. I was just curious to know about it. I hope you can help me to figure this out.
Have you ever been on a REALLY BAD DATE. So bad, it's going south as it starts.
remain vigilant when we're accessing the internet, because many crimes are happening
Cyber ​​crime is the burden of innovation and slow the pace of innovation. For developed countries, cyber crime has serious implications for the job, "said Jim Lewis, researchers from CSIS as quoted by Reuters
Because of the anonymity of the Internet, many thugs are able to extort money from others. Are you one of the victims?
Indian police has been trying to set up an online web portal with the help of US police in order to deal with cyber criminals. All the popular social media websites are based in US so this step may be helpful to investigate cyber crime cases in India.
Cyber crimes really have devastating impact on the organization. The contingency plan should also be made that should be followed after the cyber crime occurs to lower the impact of the crime.
The epidemic of cyber-bullying is a pressing issue. Raising awareness, and reversing the effects of these actions will result in more sustainable life, and a healthy life for all.
With increasing globalization and the necessity of the internet to conduct any business, computers have become a convenient access points for cyber criminals to obtain delicate information, or, in worse case, to commit frauds and thefts. To reduce the risk of being a target of a cyber...
Anonymous is a loose confederation of internet "hacktivists" who hack into the websites of people and organizations who in their view trample upon our freedoms.
Cyber-terrorism is a potentially more dangerous than the traditional terrorism as it involves damages to the attacked side.
A review of the RA no. 10175 preventing cybercrime in the philippines.
This article is about cyber teasing in social sites. Girls must aware about this..
Cybercrime! one the proper thing to watch out, did you safe from cyber criminals ...?
ABUSE IN THE HOME Relating to the abuse started around 1997 when it was a choice between my life and the safety of my children. Leaving may not have been the right choice ... A choice made, loss of being able to see my children. In 1998 I had been trying to see my children. The father...
All of us hear about the social networking hype that is created and how people are attracted from all over the world.
CyberSquatting is a big thing on the Internet at the moment, after 2 CyberSquatters in the United King (Also known as TypoSquatters) were fined for misleading consumers into fake prize entry draws, then texting there phone with a premium-rate for £1.50 each without notifying them.
Here I discuss the potential dangers that Internet users are often forced to deal with!
Cyberbullying is verbal abuse that occurs online. Cyberbullying abuse includes: a threatening email, nasty instant messages, a website set up to mock others, borrowing someone's screen name and pretending to be them while posting a message,
Facts about cyberbullying can be found in the Bible. The word of God specifically addresses harassment, and those who delight in hurting others. What are the scriptural facts about cyberbullying? What does God say about those who intentionally hurt others? Read this article for the sh...
Cyber stalker's need psychiatric help. When a person is know as a cyber stalker, police and mental health professionals label cyber bullying as a crime, and sign of mental illness. If you cyber stalk others on the web, you don't have to suffer anymore. You can get help.This article d...
Cyberbullying is the use of technology to repeatedely harrass, threaten and defame another person's character.
National Algerian Gendarmerie has set up early this month a unit in charge of countering cybercrimes, including blackmail and defamation by using social interaction network of facebook.
I've written a lot about on-line harassment, and the personal toll it can take on individuals, families and work places. While dozens of resources exist for children, tweens and teenagers, the arena of adult cyber harassment is wide open. Often, there are little or no laws to protect ...
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