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More and more people are asking who polices the internet when bad things happen.
The publication of a statement which may impugn another persons reputation or is intended to lower their esteem in the eyes of right-thinking people can be adjudged to be defamatory. Writers must be careful of every accusation that they make.
The epidemic of cyber-bullying is a pressing issue. Raising awareness, and reversing the effects of these actions will result in more sustainable life, and a healthy life for all.
Cyber bullying is a big and ever growing problem. We need to find ways to be the solution to the problem instead of becoming part of the problem
All of us hear about the social networking hype that is created and how people are attracted from all over the world.
What is Pepper Spray? Pepper spray is an OC spray, OC gas and capsicum ingredient spray formula used for self-defense. If your enemy attacks you, you must be prepared for battle
Cyberbullying is a serious crime, punishable to the full extent of the law. Did you know that there're different types of Cyberbullys? Yep! Cyberstalkers have classifications and exact mindsets. There's a method to the madness. Read on my friend...
Cyberbullying is a crime. It is also known as cyberstalking. Stalking on-line or off is a crime with serious consequences. This article shares some important information about cyberbullying. If you or someone you know is a victim, I want you to know that cyberbullying truly is a serio...
Cyberbullying is the use of technology to repeatedely harrass, threaten and defame another person's character.
Everyday our television and computer screens tell us of the damage that cyber bullies and cyber bullying can do to teenagers. What about adults? Many would say, leave a website or close your email address and ignore them. What if it is not that simple, and why are so many Canadian adu...
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