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There is charm in the eternal cycle of birth and death, when we place ourselves in the capable hands of a master. The surrender enables progress in terms of evolution from student to master.
Life is often said to be a game. There are rules for us to learn. There are natural cycles for us to take notice of. This writer chooses to differ from this view. We are not bound by such rules, or cycles. We can even transcend the game. We can become something greater than all of th...
Funny how we never take the time to see the big picture.So much intelligence,wasted on mundane,useless,thinking..............Ponder this.
About the life we enjoyed right here on earth. Thou, there are a lots of pollution, the earth still retained its distributing water cycle.
How can we truly define Miracle? It comes in a lot of form; occurs in a lot of ways, visible even in the innocent eyes of a child. .
A lonely old tree remembers a time before the community was deserted and especially recalls watching the children play. The other trees are too young to remember but the old one finds solace in communing with Mother Earth and learns many wonderful things.
A cycle of service is the most gift that we can offer to those families who are really in need of help—it maybe spiritual help or financial help. By doing this service, our souls will be lightened or lessened with grief or tribulations. Whatever sorrows that we have experienced in t...
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