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Here's what to do whe the man you love thinks love is fleeting and painful.
We have to take responsibility and own up for our actions. Our leaders should recognize the consequences of their actions or inaction as they affect the lives of millions, nay billions. Let our decisions not be blinkered by our short lifespan here.
Daily news is mostly negative and leaves a pall of gloom all around. It is mainly greed, wars and bombing, but peace proves elusive. It is time for the majority writ for peace to run through a shift in consciousness - and not a day too soon!
It is time for an altruistic majority to set our agenda than allow a minority with selfish interests to ride roughshod over us. This will make our society not only truly democratic but also get our priorities right.
We learn the basics of proper behavior from young but the world around us races ahead by not heeding them. We have to be patient, calm and keep our cool. Eventually, we will be rewarded in more enduring ways than by those that prove transient.
The Captain James Galiac Sananda, known in the previous incarnation more than 2000 years ago as Jesus the Christ, speaks again to the people of the modern world. - James Cortez
I once vehemently fought for my religion and respect others'. But there is a time as in Ecclesiastes: There is a season to hold tight and have "faith", and a season, or time, to disengage once one gets to know the ultimate reality. No one, the contented few, will believe, I know, ...
The contrast in beliefs between the Muslim outlook and that of Christ is demonstrably different.
If "Brave New World" was Aldous Huxley's vision of a Hellish society, "Island" was his idea of Heaven.
~the long-haired prisoner~shaved off all his body hair~explained to me on my first & last visit~there’s a war inside~a man can’t have nothin’ anybody can get hold of~8 & ½ years in the hole~incorrigible~he cut off more than his hair~
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