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Two poems for dad, one dedicated to dad's love, other a child's anguish to his busy dad.
A tribute to a Father's father Hope he reads it too.
How and why your dad is truly special in life. Does you dad size up like this?.
I lost my dad a year and a half ago.... I'm still fighting with accepting his death... I wrote this in his honor... Love you dad
The intensiveness and the vulnerability of relations make them them the most elusive and sought after asset of this world.
My daddy's now gone but I still love him so and I wrote him this poem so that he knows. I know they watch over us day in and day out and I wanted to give a shout out!
Your Gentle Strength' is a poem I wrote as a tribute to honor my dad. Although no longer with me, his gentle strength and values about life will always be a part of me.
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