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A short story about a father and his daughter's trip to Las Vegas his last year of life.
My life was surrounded and enveloped in love and it was all because of my parents. Please enjoy this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it :-)
A Fathers day poem I have written on behalf of my baby for her first Fathers day so a bit personal :)
A tribute to a Father's father Hope he reads it too.
Did you ever date a girl that their don't was unhappy with you?. what will happen?. Will it be good or bad?.
How and why your dad is truly special in life. Does you dad size up like this?.
I lost my dad a year and a half ago.... I'm still fighting with accepting his death... I wrote this in his honor... Love you dad
The Little Girls Questions is a poem about a young girl asking her Daddy why her Mommy has passed away and tells how much she misses her
My love for my dad. He is truly missed but I'm glad he made so many wonderful changes before leaving us to go onto a better place. When I'm writing, I want to be totally honest, when I say things such as he wasn't a saint.. I feel no one is.. he was a good man...just had some issues...
Leaving home is always hard when you build such amazing memories with loved ones
some choices of life can be disturbing especially when you cannot reject them and are forced to continue with it.....
When I was a little girl of about 8 or 9, I use to follow my dad everywhere...And though he is no longer here, I will always remember him taking me out for a walk and the feel of his warm, strong hand in mine...
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