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Katy is gone. Daemon will do anything to get her back. He would burn the world to save her. But there is a lot more going on that no one can even imagine. Daemon will have to go against his own race. People will die. Will Daedalus be able to separate Daemon and Katy? But the real...
Katy has moved to West Virginia and isn't too enthusiastic about it. Until she spots her hot neighbor Daemon. But when he opens his mouth,he's a total douche bag.When Katy is about to get killed,he has to turn into his true from & save her.His true form is an Alien.People out there wa...
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My life-long experiences as I dabbled in occultism, spiritism, yoga, zen
I find interesting the itladian philosophy of Anthony Peake and I advice wikinut readers to study it.
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