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You tee jay dance.A friendly poet was smirked by the ....silliest one... he felt shy and ran away Now as he comes again we must welcome him
Dance my Lover. A new lover a new poet a loving professor now joins us Welcome him we must hence this dance Come all and dance with the professor learn how to romance TO SIR WITH LOVE!
Come Dance with Me.Many liked my Starry dancy poems ...this is the fourth one in a sequence Like all my kisses poems too many.... being read daily So will you all come and dance with me.
Ballet is a mysterious world for many - find out which common misconceptions change how people think about this form of dance.
The first dance class can be overwhelming for both child and parent - here are some handy tips so you'll know what to expect!
The essence of a piece of art, music or dance is its message. But how is this created? And how can we teach young artists to develop artistry?
Pointe shoes are one of the trademarks of ballet - take this quiz to see if you might be ready to progress onto pointe.
Ever thought of signing up for dance class? Now's your chance! Read about some great benefits this form of exercise can have.
Zumba can give a perfect cardiovascular workout, wherein you are able to burn practically 450 calories an hour.
Sometimes you can find something takes over your life completely - it is all consuming; you can think of nothing else and then, just as suddenly, the passion leaves you. It is lovely to find that, occasionally, it is good to go back and revisit something you have enjoyed
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