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Magical Kalypso Dance .. It was a lovely Sunday.. all were there--- come and see a beach without a sea
You tee jay dance.A friendly poet was smirked by the ....silliest one... he felt shy and ran away Now as he comes again we must welcome him
Dance my Lover. A new lover a new poet a loving professor now joins us Welcome him we must hence this dance Come all and dance with the professor learn how to romance TO SIR WITH LOVE!
Date dance and dine....We all go through the same mill of life ...Date, mate and procreate. So is our being Teens must read It is simple humour
Come Dance with Me.Many liked my Starry dancy poems ...this is the fourth one in a sequence Like all my kisses poems too many.... being read daily So will you all come and dance with me.
Date dine and dance This is the modern trend as we all live up to it To know who all and what all of life So teens read on a must..
Dance as a form of entertainment is liked by all. In Mumbai the dance bar culture which took off as a form of entertainment soon turned into prostitution racket which was disliked by the middle class society and fought for it's closure.
Ballet is a mysterious world for many - find out which common misconceptions change how people think about this form of dance.
The first dance class can be overwhelming for both child and parent - here are some handy tips so you'll know what to expect!
The essence of a piece of art, music or dance is its message. But how is this created? And how can we teach young artists to develop artistry?
Kandyan dancing and drumming is what Sri Lanka is best known for all over the world. This art form originates as part of a night-long ceremony and the art flourished under the Kings as a sign of prestige and entertainment. All genres of dance are accompanied by drumming which can reac...
Mohiniyattam is a famous classical dance form of Kerala in India.
In the first of a number of 'Top 5's' I explore the Indie scene of the 1990s and pick out my favourite tracks that epitomises this genre.
People teach us how to romance .I teach them preromance after the dance
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