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A dance of a mad girl with the love of her life as she thought.
Just relax and enjoy this sensation that runs through your veins.
For tonight, you are free to express your true self on the dancefloor.
The women draw and paint beautiful pictures on the walls and the floor with the colours prepared from different plants.
Magical Kalypso Dance .. It was a lovely Sunday.. all were there--- come and see a beach without a sea
Things a one should see and do if ever pays a visit to Dominican Republic.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
'''I could have danced all night'''' This is a Tribute to a leading on etime actress so distractors please comment with care and RESPECTS
The POP is a great day with a dinner dance. Its a day to remember for all time to come
I wrote this in dedication to my sweet little grandson. I dedicate this poem to all grandsons from grandmothers like me. It's another fantasy children's story poem and hope readers will really enjoy this. Originally written 12/28/2005
Nostalgic clap, clap dance There are times we can never forget come what may....
Blazer is invited to a dance school social with Benny
Even though life is hard it doesnt mean we cant live it right and enjoy it the joy of our life is from our maker the decision to be happy is from you..... find out more in the awesome poem
Star-crossed lovers meet in an enchanted garden for a chance at romance and a midnight dance. There is a dreamer inside all of us, spread your wings and take flight on this enticing tale of love and perseverance.
Nobody knew what motivated the young girl to dance like that... If only they knew what was hidining inside her...
People who are not willing to work properly can survive in some society because they have friends at high places.
Children have unique ways of praising the Lord. Read what this contributor learned by observing their act of worship at church.
poetry in motion Sexy Wobble, fiery and poetic hip I see you dance, I get excited I get excited
You tee jay dance.A friendly poet was smirked by the ....silliest one... he felt shy and ran away Now as he comes again we must welcome him
Dance my Lover. A new lover a new poet a loving professor now joins us Welcome him we must hence this dance Come all and dance with the professor learn how to romance TO SIR WITH LOVE!
The dance of Bharatanatyam. The dancer interprets both. Its recital concludes with Tillana, also a pure dance number.
The Copper Queen Hotel is adored by the ghosts who once stayed here during their life, and it is loved by the thousands of visitors who have had the luxury of staying here today. It has been proven to be haunted by many different paranormal investigators that have documentation provin...
Hawaii has a few deep dark secrets hidden deep within the beautiful scenery and architecture that makes it one of the most haunted destinations on the planet. These mystifying spirits will make the strongest man weak, and paralyze the faint of heart with a fear for the spirit world li...
summer poem with love and hope. summer is breezing over the mind of every people who left a long winter with snow flake. its changes the nature also changes the mind of people. so summer is so desire of every cold country men and women. so they enjoy summer and its every moment...
Old men are often remembered for humour. Here I speak of two such characters that I remember from my youth.
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