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Magical Kalypso Dance .. It was a lovely Sunday.. all were there--- come and see a beach without a sea
Nostalgic clap, clap dance There are times we can never forget come what may....
You tee jay dance.A friendly poet was smirked by the ....silliest one... he felt shy and ran away Now as he comes again we must welcome him
Dance my Lover. A new lover a new poet a loving professor now joins us Welcome him we must hence this dance Come all and dance with the professor learn how to romance TO SIR WITH LOVE!
Bharathanatyam is the music in visual form, a ritual, and an act of devotion. This is an ancient dance form which cannot be effectively danced by anyone without devotion for spiritual life and technique.
Date dance and dine....We all go through the same mill of life ...Date, mate and procreate. So is our being Teens must read It is simple humour
Come boys let’s dance .This is another attempt at You Tube series I only wish all do like it Like all my kissy poems are read daily
Come Dance with Me.Many liked my Starry dancy poems ...this is the fourth one in a sequence Like all my kisses poems too many.... being read daily So will you all come and dance with me.
Drink Dance and Die and then don't say I never warned you for love and happiness you wanted too
Sunday another Roman holiday In the western world we have care free Sundays not necessarily church going today young ones love to play!
Ballet is a mysterious world for many - find out which common misconceptions change how people think about this form of dance.
The first dance class can be overwhelming for both child and parent - here are some handy tips so you'll know what to expect!
The essence of a piece of art, music or dance is its message. But how is this created? And how can we teach young artists to develop artistry?
Pointe shoes are one of the trademarks of ballet - take this quiz to see if you might be ready to progress onto pointe.
Ever thought of signing up for dance class? Now's your chance! Read about some great benefits this form of exercise can have.
Ballet - every little girl's dream! Read on to find out why a dance class can benefit both young girls and boys!
Kandyan dancing and drumming is what Sri Lanka is best known for all over the world. This art form originates as part of a night-long ceremony and the art flourished under the Kings as a sign of prestige and entertainment. All genres of dance are accompanied by drumming which can reac...
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
A list of music that can be played in a dance/party environment.
Read the these instructions and learn how to play the fantasy game: Dancing with the Stars-The Wikinut Way.
Two contrasting seasons bring the same inner peace to my woodland home as night approaches...
The personal experiences of a fat, 30-something woman living in a world that is frighteningly "Fat-Phobic".
It is when you meet that special someone in your life...The moment he gives you his heart, and you know that this is the man that you will spend the rest of your life with, as he takes you in his arms...and the dance of love begins...
Odissi is the oldest dance form of India. It originates from the state of Odisha and Natya Shastra (the classic treatise of Indian dance) refers to it as Odra-Magadhi.
Cheerleading is entertaining to watch and enjoy but it is very dangerous to perform in an acrobatic style!
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