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Dad withheld information from the team and went to meet the curator by himself. Dad's now being held against his will and is in trouble. The team found a nice taxi driver that has agreed to drive Molly, Robert, Milly, Rusty and Miss Darcy to the curator's house in the snowstorm.
Father, Mother and I have stopped at Tower Hills Airport. Since there is no grass on the runway, and the buildings are high and solid and won't easily catch fire by the time the fire gets here, we should be able to find shelter here for a while.
Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.
This morning, while I'm in Tower Mansion, I suddenly sniff what smells like smoke.
People are running to build as much infrastructure as possible inside their houses. However, once items like fans, refrigerators, washing machines, airconditioners etc., are purchased, they pay least attention to them and sometimes the old items are becoming death traps.
Marzeus has come back to the action too. He didn't know if he should just go on home and let the dogs return when they've had their fun or what. But in the end he decided that maybe this is one of those deciding moments of life. Wolverine is still alive and unharmed, so he can still u...
Marzeus is feeling a little blue now. "It's over", he thinks as he looks at Wolverine, motionless with his head pinned inside the warthog's hole. "Guess I'll never shoot that movie with him now."
Marzeus has really bad memories of warthogs. Once when he was thirteen, a supposedly tame warthog came up to him and without a word, ripped his pants to shreds with its teeth in what seemed like one motion.
When Marzeus feels he's at a safe distance, he dares to look at what's happening. Everything is happening so fast. He can see that the warthog has stormed out, and has dogs all over it. The dogs can't really seem to stop it, but they are hindering it as they are biting at it all ove...
Those who choose to live ~ within the shadow of the Almighty ~ sheltered by the God who is above all gods ~ understand that He is our Refuge ~ our place of safety. He is our Lord. We trust Him. He rescues us.
Molly, Robert and Milly are walking down a long dark hallway to the basement. They are in search of a chop shop that they believe is underground. The air smells damp with mildew and Milly believes they are in danger. Sally remained outside in the alley way. She has a whistle to ale...
There are many major health conditions today which does look dangerous and kidney stone is one of them. The increasing number of people getting effected by kidney stones is alarming and as of now, they only have to find a way to prevent that from occurring or even removing that after ...
Perch before the waiting abyss, moving steadily forward, we crusaders bravely face the onslaught of unknown challenges. Yes, the way ahead is darkly mysterious, but the crusaders fight on. Do you dream to dream or dream to forget? If death were a window, what would we see? Ever won...
But, you know, free wi-fi, which is commonly found in public places, it could be dangerous, compared with wi-fi, which is in the office or school.
When a family outing to a local Game Reserve becomes a race for survival, out-smarting a 12ft raging bull elephant.
Princess is our faithful pet.She is caring and lovable that she has become a faithful member in our house hold.She demands love and affection from every member of the household. similarly she gives love and affection in return..She is very much careful about her duties in the eve...
Yes sometimes a place is dear to the heart but circumstances can cause that change
Prof Morawska found that the particle emission process came when the printer toner and paper over the top of the roller printer heat.
Penicillin increases the risk of colon cancer because the drug has an effect on the bacteria in the gut. As we all know there are more than 3 trillion bacteria living in the gut. Bacteria are very important for normal digestive function.
I do not want anything. It is enough if you and your people learn to respect the lives of people and animals. You must not kill animals for your pleasure. I am happy in this forest and that’s all, I want.
A short poem on denial of choices to women reasoning that they are weak and at risk of exploitation.
A three year old girl climbs to the roof of a two story house to be with her grandfather.
Get ready to get spooked, as we examine the most scariest question of all times, about the very existence of the paranormal orbs. Yes, its time we face it. Do they exist or is it just our imagination? Read on...and get intrigued.
Our walk with the Lord involves multiple choices with varied consequences. If we see danger looming before us and yet plunge ahead ~ as if we do not see it, in all probability ~ we are going to suffer for it.
Smoking is dangerous; no doubt in that. It causes many diseases. It is dangerous not only to the smoking person but also around him/her. The secondary smoke or passive smoke is also dangerous. Smoking causes fatal diseases such as cancer, lung problems, heart attack, and so on.
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