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Exactly where is the line between what living things you would kill without a wink, and what you wouldn't?
Marzeus has really bad memories of warthogs. Once when he was thirteen, a supposedly tame warthog came up to him and without a word, ripped his pants to shreds with its teeth in what seemed like one motion.
When Marzeus feels he's at a safe distance, he dares to look at what's happening. Everything is happening so fast. He can see that the warthog has stormed out, and has dogs all over it. The dogs can't really seem to stop it, but they are hindering it as they are biting at it all ove...
Within this essay I try to outline what Anarchism is actually about and what the aim of an Anarchist is instead of what people are being told what Anarchism is by the mass media.
Ten reasons why you should always wash your hands
Most people probably cringe when they see a snake, especially if said snake is in their own backyard.
There is major awareness of health issues today as everything around looks artificial. The things available around are looking artificial as chemicals are added to it for faster growth. Younger generation are very negligent of their eating habits as they are only concerned about enjoy...
The Westin Excelsior is famously known for languishing their guests with some of the most decadent suites that a first rate hotel can offer the privileged. However ghost hunters prefer room 152 where they are guaranteed paranormal activity that occurs in the room at all hours.
The blaring loud speakers of functions, the harsh horn, the screeching noise of some factories, the grating sound of the construction work, all add to the noise pollution, gradually deafening the people who are constantly bombarded with such unwanted noise.
Prof Morawska found that the particle emission process came when the printer toner and paper over the top of the roller printer heat.
Penicillin increases the risk of colon cancer because the drug has an effect on the bacteria in the gut. As we all know there are more than 3 trillion bacteria living in the gut. Bacteria are very important for normal digestive function.
A short poem on denial of choices to women reasoning that they are weak and at risk of exploitation.
Back street breeding and irresponsible ownership is causing thousands of streets and homes in the UK to be at risk of attack from dangerous dogs, will this ever end?
Halloween is looming , and many people will be caught it its activity without really knowing the dangers that lurk in the unseen waiting to ensnare them ....
On its own function, have the function of lymphocytes to fight diseases that enter the body Dalma, but these abnormalities even form tumors.
Old people take it granted that they can drink alcohol moderately. But as people advance in age their metabolism and alcohol tolerance becomes weaker. Hence even moderate drinking may not be beneficial for their health.
Falling in love with married people is some things girls are doing for an extended time. Being a mistress is nothing new, however is it values it?
The snow had been spreading across the UK all this week, without reaching Kent. But now it’s here, and what chaos it has caused. Read on to find out more.
We are experiencing winter. The whole area is covered by snow. Every now and then snow falls and adds the layers of ice everywhere. we hear stories of severe winter from various parts of the world. Walking outside is risky during these days. Just walking on thin sheets of ice gives us...
This page explores the sometimes complex relationship between parents and their children. It takes a look at how a lack of communication or a break down of this vital link between a parent and child can sometimes to lead the child becoming vulnerable, heading down the wrong path and h...
sometimes, it seem we are deciding our own destiny.
This article is about the dangerous factors of sms and texting while walking
Snakes are everywhere in the world. Some parts of the world have various types of snakes, some being poisonous and some not. There are a few things you should know in order to determine whether or not a snake is poisonous.
There can be no doubt that protein is an essential nutrient. It is the main part of your diet. You need it for your metabolism, digestion, and other vital processes of the body. Protein creates antibodies protect your system. But excess protein may be dangerous to your health because ...
Watching action movies have become passion for kids and trying out movie stunts at home is pretty dangerous for them
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