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Cat Caruthers debut novel is not your average Chick Lit novel. It is smarter, wittier, and a little more hard-hitting than typical works of the genre. Witty one-liners throughout keep the tone light despite the smart and somber revelations of the main character.
At a sleepover, Sis and Benny dare Blazer to do something embarrassing!
We need to break down the sources of friction that hold us back from realizing our true potential. Not only are we provided with the needed capabilities, but also the Creator holds our hands in subtle ways. Time to open our eyes.
Just a little poem to let off some steam after an argument with the other half!
Please, Poets ONLY! A short Poem reflecting a Poet's experience. I tried to captured "that moment" of what it's all about.
This is a shout out from people who have been treated like a trash..
Men cheat for many reasons, some even cheat for no reason. Below are the top 10 reasons why men cheat:
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