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You open your eyes, you forget the depth of the abyss, you forget the depth of oblivion and thickness of indifference... Arcane and fractal nightmare...
A short dark poem that I wrote about how I was being accused of being no longer human.
Black girl comes to a big city to live her dreams. She encounters a pimp and becomes lost in a world of prostitution.
I guess you'd say 'yes' but this darkness is different, it's an inevitable one...time when...
I hope you like my first story, made ​​especially for your entertainment.
this is the third part of the series of darkly stories, I hope you like my story, made ​​especially for your entertainment
A poem looking at the very really possibility that some people are dark and brooding simply because that is what they are and how they were meant to be
To explore the darker feelings that one has when depressed, alone, and otherwise feeling darkness
A formless poem describing the sensation and awareness of a coming darkness, depression
Love is the nothing that is everything. Freedom is a birthright that we forfeit. Death is a reality that we cowardly accept.
The devil on my shoulder the tar in my grin my dark passenger and my only friend
The darkest deeds lay in the kindest hearts. The danger of death always haunts, the nightmares I have lived... Have made me go insane :)
Have you ever wondered what it was like to feel like nothing? How it would feel to cut? How messed up your senses must be? Read this poem to find out!
Ever have that moment where dark thoughts overcome a beautiful day? Beauty and danger come hand in had in this poem...
Close my eyes at night to slowly fall asleep but someone or something is pulling on my feet...
The sequel to The Dark Angel's Dance, a daringly dark, romantic poem that continues the blossoming love story of a fallen angel and the villainous dark angel that is attempting to win her heart.
A dark, fantastical poem about a fallen angel who has found herself in a den of demons, leading her into the arms of its lord; a dark angel. Is it fate? Destiny? What purpose might such a crossing of paths unfold?
A simple Ballad about Lady Enticement. Short and concise.
Watching the world when nothing is going your way...
Small little short series of daily bi-polar humor.
About a person who has suffered a great loss. The sorrow takes grief to a dark world.
i Recently Completed 100 pages. But as New pages come up. Old ones keep getting lost in oblivion. To bring them back from dead, here is list of all my Poetry on Wikinut
I bleed to your tunes…in perfect synchrony. A Sad and Romantic Poem.
You will never understand what pain really is until you have lost Love. If you love someone with everything you have and more and they betray you, you are no longer alive. A Poem describing the pain of love lost by writing own Epitaph.
Life has many tricks up her sleeve. just when you thought everything's gonna be fine, life does a 180 flip. A Poem about life in the bitter sweet world.
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