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A dream reduces stress it helps tears roll down It's a part of life as much as is Death So move on LOL
A poem, after a while of not writing anything at all. Comments are open.
Struggling to find the light in the dark, she finds a hand that lifts her up.
I enjoy writing, I'm not entirely, amazing at it. However, if you want to stick around to find out, please, be my quest! I like to write about real life situations and dark romance. Critique me! Send me knowledge! I want to get better and better as I go.
In no way do I condone the actions of the character in this poem it is merely an example that one is able to find beauty in everything you just have to know how and were to look. Continue of your own free will!
Soemtimes you only have to reach that place where your inner demons and dark thoughts roam freely.
A creative little dark poem that I wrote awhile ago and never got around to publishing it. Comments are open.
A poem that I wrote a while ago after a day of being in nature. Comments are open.
this book was hidden in the dark, hidden as forbidden book this book was hidden in the dark, hidden as forbidden book unforgivable Confessions of a corrupt soul, an undesirable and unforgiving person...
The darkness is a part of us all, it is always there, waiting. Some deny it, some embrace it, some fantasize about it, and others push it to the limits. All images created by the author.
Nightmares are not really nightmares if you still have them even if you're awake
You open your eyes, you forget the depth of the abyss, you forget the depth of oblivion and thickness of indifference... Arcane and fractal nightmare...
Hindrances in life are transient, just like the black clouds that cover the silvery moon. All one needs is that hidden spark to endure that dark phase.
A short dark poem that I wrote about how I was being accused of being no longer human.
most of my writing is reflective of my journey as an adopted person. much of my writing is raw, dark and sometimes depressing.
Quite an amount of images have been crossing my mind lately. Whereas I've been trying to put together words to let alone make a poem in the midst of a writer's block. In which I may start something, but the images go dead midway through. I personally liked writing this one. Even thoug...
I was on a small creative tear when this one came to mind. Being of how I seen girls, and how my society views them in regards to being "innocent". Comments are open.
This poem came to me after a variety of images crossed my mind on a random moment. I wrote it all down, put it all together and this was the end result. Comments are open.
This is an imitation poem of Anne Sexton's beloved poem, "Her Kind".
Your last game was memorable...'re unforgettable Your last game was memorable...
So, At times I wonder what it would be like on the other side If I had to die tonight I ask my family not to cry just smile because I'll be watching from the sky. I haven't lost my mind it just came my time.
Enter into the Dark forests of Hiladhell. An ancient city nestled in the great white mountains. Along the mountainside and inside the forest dwell many a-foul creature worst of whom are the manticore who plague the Dwarven nation.
... you love me madly, evidenced by your submission Your disease is your love for me...
What goes through a poets mind when they write? Truth be told most of the time even the poets don't know
A poem I made up from hearing a series of sounds that made me feel a certain way. In this, would be what inspired this poem. Comments are open.
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