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Romantic poem written for my wonderful Killik that I love dearly and want people to always know about.
Love is the most telling word around the world but sometimes you can't say your love or can't share your feelings with your love or even someone else. So you try to express yourself the love through poetry and i think it is one of the best way to express your untold love, how your fee...
For today’s prompt, write a shelter poem. Shelter might be a structure like a house, apartment, or hotel. Shelter could be a tent or cardboard box. Shelter could be an umbrella, overpass, cave, or car. Shelter could be a state of mind, part of a money laundering scheme, or any numbe...
For my wonderful love that keeps me smiling all the time.
Love has truly found a way to make my heart full once again and it feels amazing.
Written for someone I care about deeply that has made me smile once again.
From Robert Brewster's Poetic Asides prompt Until We Meet Again. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
A father constantly thinking of his daughter’s happiness.
My husband is in Merchant Navy. He sails for four to six months and stays home for six months. When he left for sailing for the first time, I missed him badly. Today, after four years of our marriage, I bumped into this letter I wrote to him when he was about to come home after four m...
This is a poem sung by a woman who wants to gift something special to her lover which might last forever !
Off of the Robert Blog prompt of Let's Get Serious and dedicated to my wonderful husband
Dedicated to my wonderful and loving husband Troy.
Inspired by the poem my husband wrote for me called Coming To Your Temple To Worship
Off the poem prompt of Someday. A poem for someone I care about and love.
A bit shorter and sweeter than usual. I felt the need to write, and I miss him. (Who would've thought? These both seem to be unsettlingly recurrent themes in my poetry.)
Another older romantic poem of love, hope, and faith.
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