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We today live in a world of speed, technology, where everything is accessible. Our parents lived in a black and white time, struggled to get everything and make ends meet yet, family was everything, manners were important, and people knew the meaning of life,courting and romance! Fol...
Since ancient times a matchmaker’s role in the society has been very important, for he or she is helping create new families.
Want to move from being just friends to lovers? Use these tips.
Simple dating tips for guys to get a girlfriend and long term relationship.
Online dating also referred to as Internet dating is a dating system letting individuals, couples and other groups meet online giving a possibility for developing romantic, social or even sexual relationships. The services are allowing people to provide personal information such as ag...
Read about 50+ generation of men and women who now find themselves facing up to their third age with more than a little fear and confusion at heart.
Self-confidence is among the most interesting attributes in the man or woman, guy or girl. Learning to become comfortable with yourself will make anyone much better able to time a lady that's comfortable. Notice step one to begin having a number of specific ways to appropriately time ...
Get the information on how to get that date and turn it into a marriage
It can be really intimidating for girls to approach guys for a date especially if it's your first time doing it. Here are some tips to avoid the awkwardness of the situation.
Date dine and dance This is the modern trend as we all live up to it To know who all and what all of life So teens read on a must..
Met my husband on Udate dating service, talked about three weeks, he proposed on the internet and I accepted, he came to meet me for first time and we got married a month later and have been married 12 years and still counting.
Dating can be difficult in today's world. Here are four tips on how to tell if he's husband material or not.
Let me start this article by saying that I fully understand where you come from. Well-meaning people will say "go out and stop being so shy."
Internet increases the chances of meeting new people. And nowadays, who does not have a Twitter account? Who has not had a cyber romance or blind date with someone you met online? Who spends more than three days without consulting your Facebook?
Question: Can women who are forty and over have fun dating? Yes, you can. But unfortunately, many do not. As a mother more than 40 years old, single with three children that I am very aware of this fact. You see, many women 40 and over talk to me about the dating experiences they have...
Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips on how to have a great first date.
While no one wants to be in a rebound relationship, no one wants to look back and think that an opportunity was lost true love.
Meeting someone online can be difficult and frustrating at times, but the first step to meet someone worthwhile is having a headline to get attention and good user name for your profile online
Before the first date, remember that the other person is probably just as nervous and struggling with the same insecurities.
The teenage years are often when people begin to explore the appointments.
Nowadays, besides online dating sites many single women (and men) are at a loss for finding a great place to meet other single and eligible people. It used to be that our friends and associates could set up 'blind' dates and arrange meetings at various parties, etc. Not so much now, s...
Let me set the scene: You’re sitting across from someone you had hoped might be Mr or Ms Right, or at least Mr or Ms ‘Right Now’, trying desperately not to thrust the tines of your fork into your right temple in an attempt to feel something. It doesn’t matter whether your dat...
Dating online can lead to true love or to true trouble. Here's how to navigate love online and hopefully find "the one" during the process.
How can you tell if he's into you? Here are five ways to know for sure.
This article has to do with dating and the odd choices we make once we do date. At times, they can be amusing, but sadly true: Why men and women don’t get along, A series of flaws misplaced by ‘wrongs’.
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