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All about my life as a new mommy and how she is growing up! Proud to be a mum to my baby girl!
This is a ballad of a story I read. I would love to know what the name of the book was so I can read it again lol. But It was so long ago I don't remember. But I hope you like it as much as I do.
This poem is dedicated to those of 9/11. We miss those that we have lost and remember them every September.
If your child was bitten by a dog you might be concerned if your child is at risk for getting rabies? Can children get rabies from a vaccinated dog? How to know if your child is infected with rabies. How to tell if a dog is carrying rabies.
This is the first part of a new series based on the Biblical book of Exodus.
I am the first of five sisters and cousin to many more females. I have one daughter and i do all i can to make my relationship with her, more of what i wsh i had with my mother.
This poetry describes a Birthday party at home which is celebrated by the family in a poetic form.
There´s no age limit for learning or studying while one has a mind in good form.
The saga of Sadie and Jimmy continues with a morning of surprises.
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
This is a personal and random article as I seem to be having writer's block, which is not unusual for me. I just need to get my thoughts on paper.
Page is about the true nature of a lady,which everyone should respect
When you have a father raising his daughter, some things she learns might not be what mom would have taught her. These are a single father's suggestions.
A Step By Step Guide On Shopping For The Perfect Prom Dress With Your Teen
A ninety-one year man living in a seniors home receives a visit from his daughter.
Can certainly tell my daughter takes after her mother when it comes to English SO PROUD
A short poem about the life my so called father gave to me
Just a brief poem on why I love my mum and how much for all the things she has done for me even though I wasn't the nicest of children. I love you mum x
"The joy of my heart since she's a baby. I will do everything to make her happy. I pray that someday she will be, the best person she can ever be.."
poem from a mother to her daughter on graduation day
In a recent case a court has convicted a dentist couple of killing their only daughter
A poem which speaks of my unconditional love for my daughter.
Our first few months of homeschooling have presented a few challenges - some expected, some surprises.
I have not seen my daughter, granddaughter, or her ex husband in over a year. Today I got a Summon to Court from them to restrain me from being around them. Took me by complete surprise, since I haven't spoken to them for over a year, by daughter's choice of silence.
My second daughter is my best friend, it is amazing how we teach children and then later our daughters teach us.
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