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In Yiddish, "Bupkis" is very little. Worse yet, "Gornischt" is nothing at all. Wikinut is closer to the latter from any realistic perspective in terms of earnings.
The regionalism called "Bostonian" can create homophones where there really are not any. Thus, 'aunts' and 'ants' seemed one in the same ... at least in sound.
Reflections of classic psychoanalytic trainig and its meaning in life.
Not all pain is physical. Some is emotional. Both can hurt like Hell.
Not prime-time for many kids. The jump from Elementary School into Middle School is often traumatic and fraught with newly discovered feelings of self-doubt and failure.
The focus is, too often, on how people are different from each other. The healing power of humanity is found in that which we have in common. The Golden Rule.
As we age, we tend to recall our early education differently. Times change, we change and memories change proportionately. Some go away. Those from Junior High School have stuck like glue for me.
Oftentimes, we want something until we have it. Then, we need it. Getting it, in the first place, is the challenge to most of us. WE wish, hope and pray - but do those things bring about the change(s) we seek?
Considering the properties of color ... as solids and as shades of light.
Sometimes, important questions can be expressed with few words. Likewise, worthwhile thoughts need not use volumes to explain themselves. Here are some personal examples of each.
Sometimes, a low price is not truly indicative of the best - or even of a good deal. When the company has no business ethics or honor, the consumer can only lose.
Silence is, ultimately, everlasting. Past and awaiting beneath the chaos and noise, it always has been, is and will be.
Two of America's classic canned baked beans Square off in a spoon-to-spoon taste Off with eleven dedicated bean eaters - Ages 12 to 76.
No one sounds the same to themselves as they sound to anyone else. Sound, like so many other things in life, is a predictably and consistently subjective experience.
We wonder 'why' about a lot of things. Sometimes, there are answers and sometimes there are not. Here are eleven of them I have caught myself wondering about - often.
We buy more than objects. We 'buy' ideas and beliefs as well. Objects can be returned if they turn out to be defective - but a thought, once taken home, builds a permanent roost in the person's self.
Wonderfully, people have the potential to be and to do meaningful good. Tragically, we also have the capacities to indulge in the basest and most damaging behaviors imaginable.
There remains something magical for me about air travel. The special quality of it has certainly diminished greatly over the years, but it remains an unusual - if not unnatural- experience.
Incentives, if well developed and carefully market, present ever-present temptations and traps for those of us with some who are tempted to get more - especially if it is easy!
Too much fat is unhealthy - so is too little. The middle may seem routine, ordinary and boring, yet it is where the best chance for health is.
Relationships sometimes remain intact after one or another of the partners has been unfaithful. The closeness and trust once known is never fully restored. The crack is irreparable. Life go on, but they have changed.
Although 'sharing' is something we teach to our children, all thoughts are not appropriate to make known to others.
Growing up as a child in Boston, a hot summer weekend day was called a "Beach Day" and that is where we went. To the ocean, sand an sun. Sandy sandwiches and baby oil. The seeds of trouble to come.
The famous giant chanted, "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum." I have made an ASSonance of his opening line!
People often talk about finding friends as though the quest is about coming across someone who has been lost. I suppose this could happen, but it is neither likely nor usually what we mean. Friends are made.
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